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Zombies Run – Perfect app to get me started to run again

Spring is here and it was about time to return to running outside. To help with New Year’s resolution a running app with a twist was available pretty cheap. And in the last couple of days I got to use it quite often.

The app is called Zombies 5k and is a special training app to get you to run – even as a total starter. It tells a story while training you to run: The zombie apocalypse happended. You crashed with a helicopter close to some rundown town. To live there you have to work. Work is done by running outside of the town and finding supplies. Zombies are always behind you. It is an amazing concept that has a history of being funded by the Kickstarter community. There are two apps right now – the „true“ runner app named Zombies, Run! and the aforementioned Zombies 5k as a training app. While it tracks your progress like any other running app would it just gives you some things extra – an exiting storyline, the true running app also allows you to build up the town with the supplies you gather. It just keeps you motivated to go on.

You can even find some intel on one of my latest runs right here in this internet thing.

Take a look at this short video of the developers funding announcement:

If you are into running, you should consider getting this app. It is available not only on Android but also for Steve Jobs fans.

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