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A Game of Boxes – (WIP)

A Game of Boxes – (WIP)

Since we started developing a game with the topic „minimalism“ we, Rene and I made some progress.

When we saw our inspirational picture (see here) we immediatly thought of going for a jump & run experience in such a simple, minimalistic environment. We planed our game to have a special twist – each box type in the game should be different .

For example a green box will reflect you, a red box will kill you. We are planing to add some additional interesting boxes like a gravity-box or one-time-use-box.

a Game of Boxes - First Screenshot

a Game of Boxes – First Screenshot

This picture shows a current work in progress. You can already see the moving player object, the red „kill box“, and the yellow target box. The current progress allows to come from one level to the next.

We implemented this with the Java Swing library and implemented the physics and collision handling oursleves. Tough work but we figured using an unknown engine would take much of our Ludum Dare time.

We decided to go for „A Game of Boxes“ as the name for the game. I will upload a working version of the game later.

Jan Gretschuskin ist Coach für agile Produktentwicklung. Der studierte Wirtschaftsinformatiker ist seit über über zehn Jahren in der IT-Branche unterwegs. Seit fünf Jahren beschäftigt er sich intensiv mit agilen Projekten und hat Erfahrungen als Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner und Team-Mitglied. Bei ti&m coacht er Kunden und führt Kurse über Agilität durch.

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