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Ludum Dare 26 – Our Inspiration

Ludum Dare 26 – Our Inspiration

This weekend good friend and former study colleague Rene and I are taking part in Ludum Dare 26.

Ludum Dare is a game jam, a programming contest that is about delievering a small game in a short period of time to a common theme. We are taking part in the part of the competition that gives you 72 hours to finish a game. This time the theme is „minimalism“ and it was not easy to come up with an idea for it.

With the help of our friend Google we found an inspiration:

Minimalism Wallpaper, by iFullscreen.com

Minimalism Wallpaper, by iFullscreen.com

This picture shows several squares and we immediatly thought about making a game that looks a bit like it. We are aiming for making a jump & run game in such a world with a twist. Each of the squares you see in the picture has a colour – and each colour means that this square will behave in a very specific way.

I will show you pictures of our work in progress on Sunday.

Have fun. Rock on.

Jan Gretschuskin ist Coach für agile Produktentwicklung. Der studierte Wirtschaftsinformatiker ist seit über über zehn Jahren in der IT-Branche unterwegs. Seit fünf Jahren beschäftigt er sich intensiv mit agilen Projekten und hat Erfahrungen als Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner und Team-Mitglied. Bei ti&m coacht er Kunden und führt Kurse über Agilität durch.

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