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During the last couple of months I joined a group of boxing fans in working on a podcast about boxing. The „Boxpodcast“ is the largest regular German podcast about the sweet science. When I joined about half a year ago the podcast was run as YouTube audioshow. I wanted to improve on this situation so I started with setting up a blog with RSS feeds, set up iTunes feeds and did some more background work. We doubled our audience since that time which I believe is a nice accomplishment.

We had some nice episodes with known names in boxing like former world champion Felix Sturm, commentator, WBC official and regular quest at the show Malte Müller Michaelis, world title challenger Karo Murat, Trainer Robert Rolle or promoter Ahmed Öner. Just to name a few.

We are at 91 episodes when I write this and it seems that we will be around for a while.

If you want to learn more check it out at Boxpodcast.de



Jan Gretschuskin ist Coach für agile Produktentwicklung. Der studierte Wirtschaftsinformatiker ist seit über über zehn Jahren in der IT-Branche unterwegs. Seit fünf Jahren beschäftigt er sich intensiv mit agilen Projekten und hat Erfahrungen als Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner und Team-Mitglied. Bei ti&m coacht er Kunden und führt Kurse über Agilität durch.

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